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Dear Visitor is a website by a musician for musicians and eventually music lovers and producers. When it comes to production, it is not really easy to find out what to start with, learning the basics alone is near impossible and time consuming, and most gear is pretty expensive. Especially when you want to start a band, in many cases you need musical instruments like guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, without forgetting the studio and related accessories for your studio.



Also, you may have acrossed some websites which give you false promises, the most hilarious are probably those who tell you how to be the next J. Lo or Ricky Martin... So we decided to make a personal selection of our favourite music related products on the net at affordable price. We are convinced that they will help you, since we wish we had started with these resources in our hand! We also have tutorials and articles related to home studios, audio recording, mixing, mastering, and more.